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Did you remove the Edit homepage link in the top bar?

By svendk, 7 months ago. Last reply by svendk, 6 months ago.

Hi SiteOrigin

I have a complaint from one of my clients, as the Edit homepage link in the top admin bar somehow has dissappeared after updates. It has so on my other Vantage sites too. I’m just not sure, if it was a deliberate action from SiteOrigin in either Vantage theme or one of the SiteOrigin plugins – or if it was because of some other plugin update.

I run
– WordPress 4.9.6
– Vantage 1.7.6
– Akismet 4.0.7
– Booster for WooCommerce 3.6.1
– Collapse-O-Matic 1.7.9
– Exclude Pages from Navigation 1.92
– Google Analytics (ShareThis) 2.1.4
– MetaSlider 3.8.1
– My Calendar 2.5.17
– Page Builder by SiteOrigin 2.6.9
<- Please rename this to SiteOrigin Page Builder, so it aligns right with your other plugins, my OCD kills me :)
– Recent Posts Widget Extended
– SiteOrigin CSS 1.2.0
– SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle 1.11.8
– UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore 1.14.11
– WooCommerce 3.4.2
– WooCommerce Multilingual (WPML) 4.2.10
– WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Gateway 1.5.6
– WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping 5.2.0
– WP Broken Link Status Checker 1.0.4
– WP Media folder 4.4.2 (old version as we havent paid for new version)
– WPML Media 2.3.2
– WMPL Multilingual CMS 4.0.2
– WPML String Translation 2.8.2
– WPML Translation Management 2.6.2

Phew, that was quite a list – Any way to make WordPress print this list and other useful information?

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  1. 7 months, 8 days ago svendk

    Also, if you need a user to “look inside”, just let me know…

  2. 7 months, 7 days ago svendk

    Hello again

    Ehm… I just checked again, and when logged in as admin but browsing the web site, it do have a link to Edit homepage, but when on the /wp-admin/ page, there is now link.

    So the question is, was there ever a link to Edit homepage on the Admin page? If not, then I’m sorry and my client is wrong.

    I’d like a reply from you anyway :-)

  3. 7 months, 4 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Svendk,

    The edit link for the page will appear in the admin bar when on the specific page. This is the same for every editable page – be it the home page, your contact page, or even a post.

    There isn’t an edit link present in WP Admin as WordPress sees that you’re on a page that cannot be edited.

    Does that make sense?

  4. 7 months, 2 days ago svendk

    Hi Alex

    Thank you for your reply.

    I agree with the admin bar giving access to editing the current browsing page. But my client says, that she had a link to edit the home page when just logged into the admin interface, in the Admin bar, on the Admin Dashboard. There is no edit link at this moment. Have there ever been an edit link from the Admin Dashboard, can you research this? If no, well then my client is just plain wrong, could happen :)

    Also, and I don’t know if it’s okay to add in this thread, but I think I found a bug in Page Builder 2.6.9:
    When going to the Edit homepage, whether it be from browsing the front page and clicking in the Admin bar, or from Appearence, Homepage, the On/Off-toggle for Custom Home Page in top left corner of Edit homepage is off onload – even if it should be on, as the real home page *is* the custom page builder-page. If you dont remember to set the toggle to On, then the Blog is shown after update – the home page is “ruined” (but can be recreated just by setting the toggle to On). Will you be able to take this bug report to the developers for a quick fix? (Or, if you cannot reproduce, help me fix my site?)

    Thank you for answering the above :-)

    Best regards

  5. 7 months, 2 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Svendk,

    There hasn’t been a link to edit the home page in the admin bar on the dashboard for as long as I can remember. This is not to suggest there has never been one – there’s just not an instance where I can think of it being there.

    While it may not be very desirable, that’s actually intentional. The custom home page may act like the front page but it’s not the front page (functionality and settings wise). If you disable the custom home page, your custom home page will be stored as a draft so it’s not possible to be displayed (as you cannot use a draft for the posts or front page) on the frontend so the posts page does.

  6. 7 months, 2 days ago svendk

    Hi Alex

    Thank you for the clear rebuttal on the Edit homepage link in the Admin Dashboard top admin bar. My client has been informed :-)

    For the On/Off toggle, I’m not sure you understand me.
    If I log in as an administrator, then go to Appearence, Homepage, and then click Save Home Page, the home page is wrecked. This can’t be as it should be? On load, the toggle should show current status – is it on or off? And if I go to edit any page, including the custom home page, and do not edit any fields or toggles and then click Update/Save, then nothing should change. That is, of cause, my own personal opinion :-)

    Looking forward to your reply

    Best regards

  7. 7 months, 2 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Svendk,

    That should only really happen if the status is set to off, is it disabled? If it’s disabled, the issue is that the page is currently working. If it’s disabled, simply activate the page (click the toggle slider) to prevent that from happening.

  8. 6 months, 26 days ago svendk

    Hi Alex

    Terribly sorry for the delay.

    No, it was right when I went to Appearence, Homepage or via the top admin bar Edit homepage, then the toggle was off even though the website frontpage was working properly.

    Now, when I wanted to record a video of it, it’s working as it should, of cause. I promise you it was not working when I wrote to you at first, and I could replicate it several times.

    Oh well, if it comes back I’ll post here again :-)

    Best regards

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