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Custom page template (create file php) for pages

Hi all.
I need create php file(template) for some page(it’s custom page – not likes all pages) and how can i do it?
Under the my custom theme i maust create php file(my new template with some html code and then i must to attach my new php file(template) in the admin panel for my custom page? – how?
i can’t understand how it works:(
after createing new page i can’t see TEMPLATE part for attach it.
help me please with it.
thx all
p.s. sorry, but my english is bad

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  1. 8 months, 2 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Vitaly,

    For information on creating templates, please refer to the WordPress Theme Handbox. Templates are separate to SiteOrign Page Builder and unfortunately, due to the complexity of creating these templates, it’s not something we’re able to directly assist with, but you could hire a developer to implement this for you.

    We recommend using Codeable. You’ll be able to hire someone at an hourly rate to do this work for you.

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