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Content Restriction

I have a page which requires a login, and would like to restrict some content of the page depending on the logged in user.

Is there a way to achieve this with page builder?

I tried some plugins like “https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/restrict-content/”.

It allows to set the restriction directly in the page editor but I found no way to use it with the page builder

“[restrict userlevel=”editor”]Only editors and higher can see this content.[/restrict]”

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. 1 year, 3 months ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Eugstman,

    Two popular options that I can confirm the compatibility of are Ultimate Member and Paid Memberships Pro. Both of these plugins are compatible with Page Builder by SIteOrigin out of the box.

    Regarding Restrict Content and shortcode restrictions (such as the shortcode included in Ultimate Member) in general, these shortcodes are only able to work within a single widget, and not between multiple widgets so you’ll need to restrict within the widget itself.

    Kind regards,

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