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Changing default WooCommerce Shop page

I want to be able to use PB and then use the post loop widgets to pull the woocommerce products. Currently I have my /shop page built using PB as I’ve used the Overlap Content option in the Noth theme but WooCommerce doesn’t even look at this pages content.

How do I override the default woocommerce page using Page Builder page?

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  1. 4 years, 7 months ago breathee

    So using just Page Builder and North’s custom settings I can change the amount of products shown on the page easily and set the ‘No Sidebar’. Which is great.

    However under Page Template Settings > Type: Products, where I’ve used ‘Overlap Content’ and sticky menu as a site wide design, there seems to be no way of picking up the Layout Slider (header banner) created on the WooCommerce Shop page or adding in images via the customiser to seperate the header area and WooCommerce products.

    I’m assuming the best way around this is to modify the woocommerce.php file and inject the header code used by the North theme with an fixed header image. Seems messy and beyond the scope of most users and what Page Builder is really about. Not tried this option yet.

    I did create an alternative shop page (hoping you can hide WooCommerces Shop page) but, without modifing the post loop templates with woocommerce shortcode it still referes to the /shop url. So this is pointless.

    To be fair Beaver Builder doesn’t doesn’t seem to do anything different with regards to WooCommerce’s Shop page. Which as I’ve said is frustrating when you used Page Builder to build the site but when it comes to WooCommerce Shop page your stuck and looking inconsistent with the rest of the site.

    I’m not sure how to work around this using Page Builder or if scrapping Page Builder altogether where WooCommerce is concerned. Help. Open to suggestions?


  2. 4 years, 7 months ago breathee

    So I’ve managed to hack the woocommerce.php and make it load a different header-woo.php and sidebar-woo.php and hard coded a banner image. So it can be done, but outside the scope of Page Builder making this more a theme enhancement to North. From what I have found woocommerce.php is a ‘catch all’ template.

    What would be good for North theme is under Theme Settings > Woo Commerce >

    * Shop Page: Set Header Image [ upload box ] (or grab featured image with additional ‘default, full width options to the output).

    I think this would sort out the ‘Overlap Content’ and ‘Default’ options for the menu position.

    * Product Pages: Use featured image [ check box ] (with additional ‘default, full width options to the output)

    Also registering a seperate sidebar for WooCommerce rather then be restricted to using the main sidebar.

    Anyway I’m sure I’ve seen these handy extra settings in other SiteOrigin themes so maybe these could be easily added.

  3. 4 years, 7 months ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Breathee

    Unfortunately, the conclusions you’ve come to in your posts are all true. Sadly, the customization options for the WooCommerce shop page is basically non-existent through SiteOrigin Page Builder.

    I’m going to log the feature requests to the relevant products so hopefully, this sort of customization won’t be required in the future. Sorry mate. :(

    While I don’t think I need to tell you (based on your posts), just to be safe, be sure you’ve added the templates through a child theme.

  4. 4 years, 7 months ago breathee

    Thanks Alex, I think my conclusion found this was more a theme custom settings frustration than a Page Builder one. Although maybe some additional documentation for on limits with WooCommerce might ease some future frustrations.

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