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Can’t find the php file I need to edit

It’s the Blog page. I want to change the layout (I’m very handy with HTML, PHP, JS, etc), but for the LIFE of me , I can’t find the stupid file! Admittedly, I’m running on 3 hours sleep in the last 48, but sheesh!

Here is what shows up now:

THIS is what I’m working towards:

Someone, PLEASE take pity on a poor old man who doesn’t even have any hair to rip out in furstration!

Many thanks in advance, and may you all have a good day.

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  1. 8 months, 6 days ago Tim Whetung

    Whoops, forgot the links!

    Here is what shows up now:

    THIS is what I’m working towards:

    Again, all I need is to know which stupid file I need to edit.


  2. 8 months, 2 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Tim,

    You should be able to do this without needing to alter any code. Please navigate to WP AdminAppearanceCustomize, Theme SettingsBlog and set Featured Image Type to Small.

    Regardless, you can edit this the structure of your post by editing vantage/content-single.php.

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