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Can I create reusable blocks for WooCommerce product pages?

I am using the Vantage theme with Woocommerce. I would like to create reusable blocks of text that could be put on specific WooCommerce product pages, but not ALL the product pages. An example of the kind of text I mean can be found on this page, where you see the two bulleted items to the right of the product image that goes “This globe is currently on reserve […] for individual purchase.”

Globe, American, Andrews, CF Weber, Terrestrial, 12-Inch Table Globe, Nickel-plated Tripod Stand, Antique, Chicago, c. 1890-1907 (Reserved)

The reason we’d like to have this is that if we ever want to change that “reserved” text, we’d be able to edit it in one place and automatically the new version would appear on every page that has it.

While it would be preferable to be able to place the text within the Product Short Description wherever I wanted, it would be fine if the only solution would be to place it in its own little block somewhere else, such as directly below the “Click on image” block or directly beneath the Product Short Description rather than in the middle of the Product Short Description.

I have read that the Gutenberg editor offers “reusable blocks” which sounds like what I am looking for. But before messing around with the Page Builder settings that default to the Classic Editor, I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t be creating a new problem for myself. I also want to know if Page Builder already provides something I can use for that purpose that I am unaware of.

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  1. 2 months, 20 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Helen

    Thanks for reaching out. Good to hear from you.

    SiteOrigin Premium offers the WooCommerce Templates Addon which would be well suited to adding content to be used across multiple products.

    Use Classic Editor for New Posts shouldn’t be impacting WooCommerce product pages. I haven’t used blocks on WooCommerce product pages yet, I’m not quite sure what the WooCommerce plan is in that regard.

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