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Block Titles Do Not Appear in Block View Nor In Page View

By wireb, 11 months ago. Last reply by Alex S, 10 months ago.

Within PB settings/ Widgets/Widget Title HTML

<h1 class="widget-title">{{title}}</h1>
I’ve tried changing it from H3 to H2, than to [email protected] The articles titles are hidden in page view however the text below the title is shown. If I create a new block using Visual Editor, thinking perhaps the problem would not show in a new block, it has no impact. If I add the title without any content, the title shows in both Block and Pag view, when you add content the title is hidden in both Block and Page view. This is not true with all blocks, there are those who display the title in Block and Page view.

Please assist.

Kind regards,


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  1. 10 months, 30 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi wb,

    Do you have a public URL where we can take a look at what’s going on?

    Kind regards,

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