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Admin and home page is slow with SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

Hello SiteOrigin, I have noticed that I have a slow website in both the wp-admin the home page when the SO Widgets Bundle is activated. This seems to be a new issue as the site home page content has not been updated for some time.
I have deactivated plugins and reactivated to rule out a plugin conflict, and the site loads quickly enough when the Widgets Bundle is not activated. There don’t seem to be large images so I am wondering if you can assist with pinpointing the issue.

website is https://the-o-company.com/

Many Thanks

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  1. 1 year, 2 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi James

    Thanks for reaching out.

    It looks like Strong Testimonials might be taking a while to load the slider asset.

    When running a plugin conflict you’re looking for a working baseline. If you can find a working baseline you can then begin to test further. Deactivating and reactivating plugins, unfortunately, doesn’t usually help. Please, try temporarily deactivating all plugins except for the Widgets Bundle. With all other plugins besides the Widgets Bundle deactivated retest the home page or the admin page. Does the issue persist? The result will tell you whether the conflict test has been successful or not.

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