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A Question about Contact Form

Hi everybody, I have a question about SiteOrigin Contact Form. I´m about to set up contact forms for roundabout 40 persons who are working at a school. Everything is working fine – but there is one point I´d like to learn about. If I send a contact form everything is doing well. BUT the E-Mail which I am receiving comes from an E-Mail-Account I have inserted in the form (description in the form: “It will appear as if emails are sent from this address. Ideally this should be in the same domain as this server to avoid spam filters.”).

My question now: Is it possible that the sender of this contact form appears as the real sender? So that receivers can answer directly the E-Mail? I know it will not be easy to make everyone of these 40 people understand they cannot answer mails directly… :-)

Thanks for your help. And by the way: I really like the way SiteOrigin ist making things much easier!

Best from Germany, Christian

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  1. 7 months, 8 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Christian,

    The email sent to you will have the email you set in the contact form settings but you’re able to reply to this email and it’ll email the user who filled out the form. This is done like this to ensure you receive the email as the vast majority of email services will block the email if we directly set the email up to email you using the user submitted email.

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