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403 Forbidden error caused by Page Builder by SiteOrigin


when i try to edit my homepage page built with Page Builder…i get a 403 Forbidden error…

so i ran this tests:

Identifying Plugin Issues

and when i de-activated all plugins the issue has been resolved…but…when i activate the PB plugin ONLY…the problem reappeared again…i can’t modify my homepage page..

I conclude that it is not a conflict between the other plugins and PB, and I also tried updating the PB plugin, but the problem continues…

any solution?


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  1. 4 years, 12 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Gustavo,

    Would it be possible for you to create a temporary admin account for us so we can log in and take a look?

  2. 4 years, 12 days ago Private Message - Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    This is a private message.

  3. 4 years, 11 days ago Mathieu Gagnon

    Hi, I have the same problem. This 403 error appears only when I save my page with a custom made plugin in it. Worked fine yesterday. Always worked fine but since today I get the permission error.

    Did you guys found a clue on this?

  4. 4 years, 11 days ago Bill Scully

    I logged in today and have the same issue.

  5. 4 years, 11 days ago imke

    Hi, the same with me :(
    Opened a new thread:
    Just the header and a disfunctional menu remains, when only the PB is activated.

  6. 4 years, 10 days ago Maverick87

    I’ve run into the same issue and am eagerly waiting for what anyone has come up with for a solution.

  7. 4 years, 10 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Everyone,

    Please ensure you’ve done a plugin conflict test. I’m personally unable to replicate this with a fresh install of SiteOrigin Page Builder so I suspect there’s a conflict with a popular plugin (that I might not be testing for).

    Also, please ensure you have the latest version of SiteOrign Page Builder installed – 2.4.16.

    For reference, the plugin conflict is:

    Can you try disabling all non-SiteOrigin plugins and see if this fixes the issue? You’ll need to clear all your caches after disabling your plugins.

    If it does fix the issue, then try re-enabling your plugins one by one until the issue comes back. This procedure will help diagnose which plugin is causing the issue.

    Once we know that, we’ll be able to look at what might be causing the conflict and either solve the problem or help you find an alternative plugin.

    If you aren’t using a SiteOrigin theme, then you can also try temporarily switching to one of the default WordPress themes to see if the issue is theme related.

  8. 4 years, 10 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Everyone,

    Also, we would greatly appreciate PHP error logs from anybody that has this issue could supply. Not too sure how to access this error log? It should be accessible through your hosting provider’s control panel, and if not, through FTP. As it can be stored in different locations you may need to ask your host for the exact location.

  9. 4 years, 10 days ago imke

    Hi Alex,
    emptying the caches didn’t work (PRAM on Mac, caches on browsers anyway).
    I disabled the plugins in various ways: it just happened with the PB plugin (very definitely), deinstalled – reinstalled …. didn’t help.
    Now I’ll try the PHP error logs …. let you know, if I succeed.

    It’s the first time, I used the Page Builder on WP.

  10. 4 years, 10 days ago imke

    Hi Alex,
    I’ve got my PHP Error Logfile.
    There it says, it’s the Popup-Builder …. well, I was tricking, because in the Page Builder I have no access to the Popup-Builder. Actually, I succeeded first and it worked fine (I was so happy). But then suddenly while working with the image slider the content vanished peace by peace. I removed then the Popup-Builder, emptyied the caches, restarted – no success.
    When I deactivate the Page Builder, then I can see the content.
    Do you have any advice?

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