Post loop additional field issue

By Manuel Masia, 6 years ago. Last reply by Manuel Masia, 6 years ago
Hi, thank for the great builder. I’m testing the widget bundle ass well, in particular “Post loop” widget. However, it doesn’t seem to allow to use “post__not_in” in any way. There is the “post__in” feature, but no way to add the argument “post__not_in”. I tried to use the “Additional” field, but since “post__not_in” must be…

SiteOrigin Post Carousel

By mickie, 6 years ago. Last reply by Magus, 6 years ago
I am not understanding how to limit what posts show up in the carousel. Current settings: Title | Recipes Build Posts Query Settings: Post type: Posts Post in: Taxonomies: recipes Order by: Publish Date Posts Per: 5 Sticky: Default Additional: -Blank- My goal is to only have posts with the slug of “recipes” show But…

SiteOrigin Slider is not displayed at Home Page.

By Rafay Qureshi, 6 years ago
The problem i am facing right now with free theme is that: SiteOrigin Slider is not displayed at the Home Page. Yes, I have upload Images in SiteOrigin Slider correctly, Important NOTE : ***6.Slider below Menu-bar is not the Issue, SiteOrigin Slider is placed under the facebook icon , in the left sidebar widget.