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Widget Headline Link: and, Copy Row: Widget backgrounds

Great plugin! Love you guys and how Page Builder has progressed. Couple of questions:

1) Using either Visual Editor Widget (Black Studios) or other widgets, is there a way to create a link from a widget headline? I know I can do it in the copy block.

2) Have you got an easy way to duplicate a row? It’s a real productivity enhancement, as without it, it is difficult to exactly position widget blocks vertically, as the hand controlled block width isn’t easy to duplicate from row to row. I know I can create a row with the same columns, and duplicate widgets and drag them to the new row. It would be oh-so handy to just hit a “duplicate row” icon, and move it into place.

3) Is there a trick to adjusting the color of widget area backgrounds?



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  1. 7 years, 6 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi HunterGatherer

    Thanks for your positive feedback.

    1. Unfortunately not to my knowledge. The work around would be to leave the title blank and then create your own title in the body of the Visual Editor widget.

    2. Unfortunately not at this time. I’ll certainly suggest it to Greg though. The method you’re currently using is what I’d suggest.

    3. You can adjust the row background color in our Vantage theme but there are unfortunately no row, column or widget color controls in Page Builder in general. You’d need to use Custom CSS for that. For example it might look like this in your Custom CSS plugin/module for the Text Widget:

    /* Text Widget */
    .widget_text { 
      background: lightBlue;
      padding: 10px;
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