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Visual Editor Not Saving Work


I am running into an issue where none of the page edits I am trying to make are saving when using the visual editor. When I update the page or switch to the text editor, they disappear.

I’ve cleared cache many times, de-activated/re-installed page builder and site origin widgets with no luck.

This happens in Chrome only too, Firefox the visual editor works perfectly.

Everything is up-to-date, and the visual editor works okay in chrome on other sites I manage, just one, in particular, it doesn’t like.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. 11 days, 4 hours ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Malcolm

    Strange that the issue is happening in Chrome and not Firefox. Can you perhaps try going to chrome://extensions and deactivating all browser extensions and then re-try. Does the issue persist? If so, please, check for browser console errors, here is how: https://wordpress.org/support/article/using-your-browser-to-diagnose-javascript-errors/#step-3-diagnosis. If there are errors in red, do they persist if you clear Chrome’s cache? If not, please, take a screenshot of the errors, upload to imgur.com or similar and send us the link.


  2. 10 days, 4 hours ago Malcolm Seaboyer

    Hello Andrew, thanks for the response!

    I was able to narrow down the error – it was with my WordPress theme and a small missing HTML tag from my coding causing it. Oh, the joys of custom coding :)

  3. 10 days, 3 minutes ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Awesome :) I’m really glad to hear you were able to find the issue.

    All the best with your site. If questions arise in the future, please, let us know :)

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