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Responsive menu is not working

I don’t know wy, but the menu is not working well in mobile divice. Well, the submenu isn1t working. (Theme Unwind)
Someone can help me please?
Thanks for your attention,
Araci Farhat de Carvalho

Link for the hotsite: http://www.arq.ufmg.br/urb/ivsuub/

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  1. 8 days, 8 hours ago Araci Carvalho

    Thanks, but is it working now!!!

  2. 8 days, 5 hours ago Aaron Evans Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Araci

    Thanks for reaching out.

    We’re really glad to hear the problem has resolved. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    If any SiteOrigin questions arise in the future, please open a new support thread and we’ll do our best to assist :)

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