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Post Carousel widget Next and Previous buttons not working

I have a query in the Post Carousel widget that’s pulling up 15 posts, but you can’t scroll through them because the Next and Previous arrows aren’t working. They’re just adding a # symbol to the end of the current page URL, so clicking on them simply refreshes the page.

I’m using the SiteOrigin Slider on the same page as the Post Carousel. The slider nav controls work fine. I wonder if the Slider is interfering with the carousel?

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  1. 6 years, 8 months ago Greg Priday Hi, I Work Here

    Hi George

    It’s not very likely that the slider and the carousel are conflicting with each other, but it is possible that another plugin is conflicting. Can you try disabling all non-SiteOrigin plugins and see if this fixes the issue? You’ll need to clear all your caches after disabling your plugins.

    If it does fix the issue, then try re-enabling your plugins one by one until the issue comes back. This procedure will help diagnose which plugin is causing the issue.

    Once we know that, we’ll be able to look at what might be causing the conflict and either solve the problem or help you find an alternative plugin.

    If you aren’t using a SiteOrigin theme, then you can also try temporarily switching to one of the default WordPress themes to see if the issue is theme related.

  2. 6 years, 8 months ago George Plumley

    Tried it with all plugins off (except for PB and SOW) as well as switching to TwentyFifteen – still getting the hashtag tacked onto the end of the page URL.

  3. 6 years, 8 months ago George Plumley

    Should also mention that I had updated all plugins and WordPress (to 4.4 at that point) before trying them all switched off.

  4. 6 years, 8 months ago Ryan Doyle

    I am experiencing this same issue.

    It only comes about when the post carousel is on my front page.

    I have tried activating and deactivating everything & have cleared my cashe.

    Please help!

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