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I’m new to wordpress and siteorigin. Nevertheless I bought and installed the premium stuff from siteorigin. I also installed and and try to use the Unwind theme.

I know siteorigin offers an addon for using Google web fonts; but I would really prefer to store my fonts local (because I run my site in Europe). There are a lot of wordpress howtos about custom fonts, but I failed always. What I did:

a) downloaded the fonts from Fontsquirrel
b) used the WebGenerator from Fontsquirrel to create/downloaded Webfonts
c) created an @font-face file with the fonts.
d) stored the custom font files in the folder themes/siteorigin-unwind/ownfonts
e) adapted the path in the @font-face {} code. example: src: url(‘ownfonts/amarante-v23-latin-regular.eot’);
f) added the @font-face {} code at the beginning (after the comments) of the original style.css of the Unwind theme
g) started the SiteOrigin CSS, choose (marked) a font element in the Unwind theme, placed the mouse in the field font family; copy/paste the font name “Amarante” (from @font-face)

No Effect!!

So where do I have to place the local fonts? And how can I import the local fonts into the css of the unwind theme?

Kind regards, go4unkwn

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