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How to center widget in a row

Sorry for the repetition, I know others have posted about this in the past but I couldn’t find an answer that worked for my situation so I’m asking again.

On our site, we have several places where we are using Pods to show a selection of content.

The pods template is sitting left-aligned within the widget row, and I would like it to sit in the centre as it looks a bit weird on some screen resolutions.

I’ve uploaded some screenshots to this link, and an example page is here:


Is there an easy way of fixing this?

Please note: I’ve only got a beginning level of CSS knowledge, so apologies in advance :)

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  1. 4 months, 12 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Claire

    Thanks for reaching out.

    There, unfortunately, isn’t a settings based solution for the problem you’re facing. Each item within the list is being floated left so the list will therefore be positioned to the left. Ideally, the Pods widget would use Flexbox which would allow left, center, or right alignment of the list items without much effort. It’s possible to work with the inline styling that’s there but the job is, unfortunately, beyond our free support scope. We can help with small Custom CSS tasks like this within our premium support scope. You could perhaps ask Pods support if they’ve looked at this task in the past and whether they have an easy solution for centering the list contents and not left aligning.

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