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Homepage with WPGlobus Plugin

Hi Guys,
I’m using the premiun Version of the Vantage Theme and I am very satisfied with it.
My Customer wants to make his site multilangual, and I wanted to use the WPGlobus Plugin, wich works just fine.
The only problem is the homepage, because of the siteOrigin builder.
Is there a solution to make this work?

URL: http://www.connex-llc.com

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  1. 9 years, 21 days ago Magus
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Ronald

    At the moment WP Globus does not support PageBuilder. The Author is aware of the problem. You could try contacting the author to find out if any progress has been made to enable compatibility.



  2. 9 years, 21 days ago Ronald Siebrecht

    Mages, thank you for the quick response.
    I looked at some other Plugins. Maybe you can tell me if the wpml (https://wpml.org/) plugin is compatible with the Pagebuilder?


  3. 9 years, 21 days ago Magus
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Ronald

    WPML and Polylang both work well with PageBuilder. These plugins work differently to Globus, requiring separate pages for each language rather than alternate content.


  4. 9 years, 21 days ago Ronald Siebrecht

    Hi Magus,
    Yes, I looked at them, but I really like the WP Globus. Because I only use the Sitbuilder on the Homepage, I tried to change the home-panels.php with a language request to load a different page. But it didn’ seem to work.

    if ( WPGlobus::Config()->language === 'en' ) {
    if( function_exists('siteorigin_panels_render') ) echo siteorigin_panels_render('home');
    if( function_exists('siteorigin_panels_render') ) echo siteorigin_panels_render('home_german');

    Any help will be appreciated

  5. 9 years, 21 days ago Magus
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Ronald

    Unfortunately there are no changes that can be made to PageBuilder which will add the extra editor tab to the language pages. WP Globus programmatically adds the visual and text editor to the language tabs when it creates them. The author would need to add a function to check for the existence of PageBuilder and add the required filter call in his code to put the extra PageBuilder tab on the visual editor.

    If you wanted, you could ask the author to contact us through [email protected] and we would be happy to assist him in getting the plugin to work with PageBuilder.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help than this


  6. 9 years, 19 days ago Ronald Siebrecht

    Hello Magus,
    Thanx for all your support!
    I installed Polylang, as you suggested.
    Works like a charm!


  7. 9 years, 18 days ago Magus
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Ronald

    Glad to hear. If you need any more help please feel free to open a new support thread.


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