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Customizing Theme Design unwanted formating

Customizing Theme Design, Fonts, has a setting for Page Title Size that is set to 20 and has given me headaches trying to find why this all of a sudden is on my pages. Is this a change with the upgrade? How do I disable the theme customize settings. I want to control css from the Editor and I don’t want this kind of override. I am using a child theme of Vantage.

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    Hi D_hues

    Thanks for your question.

    Vantage Free doesn’t have Theme Design controls in the Customizer. The Customizer only outputs CSS into the website head if you’ve selected a setting value that is different from the default. 20 is the default value for page titles. With 20 inputted, that setting won’t output any CSS into the website head. If you share your URL we’d be happy to confirm this for you.

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