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conflict with the wordpress block editor

Hi, there is a bug in the plugin and a conflict with the wordpress block editor. please help and repair. The block editor will not work when a plugin is active. wordpreee block editor stopped working after plugin update.
please see this chat

hi, my block editor doesn’t work, what could be the reason?

Hi there! Thank you for contacting WordPress.com! I’m happy to help :)

Let me take a look at your site, I will be back with you in a moment.


This is happening only on your site https://bucardimaria.com?


I send you screen

Sure! You can create and upload the screenshot to https://snipboard.io/ and then send me the link to it here.


Thanks, checking

I can see this when I press edit page in the side editor

I see. Please, can you try to edit your posts in a new incognito window?


Thanks. Let me know how it goes.

in the incognito window I have to log in first, yes?


it’s the same :-(

It’s strange.

Do you have another browser on your computer?



i check

Thanks for testing it!

I’m testing on a different device because the intrnet explorer won’t open the page

Okay, thanks

everywhere on both devices: internet explorer and safari I see: unsupported browser

this page may not work correctly in your browser :-(

Okay, let me take a look to see if there’s any plugin that is interfering with this.

While I investigate this, could you please confirm if you added any new plugins, changed your active theme or made any significant modifications to your site prior to noticing this change?

Is there a problem with Gutenberg or the block editor, maybe there are other reports of this problem?

I’ve not seen any report yet, but let’s try to investigate what’s happening.


just did an update Ste origins will try to disable site origins

Ah, okay, let me know how it goes

ok I wait

Were you able to deactivate the Site Origin plugin on your end? I am still seeing that it is activated.

ok I do now

now it works, so there is a problem with site origin. Conflict between plugins. what to do to fix it?

I see. You’ll have to contact their support directly about their plugin since we are not able to provide direct support on third party plugins that aren’t developed by us.


thank you very much

You’re welcome. If you have any other questions, please feel free to open up a new chat, we’re happy to help :)

A transcript of this chat will be emailed to you shortly for later reference.

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  1. 26 days, 21 hours ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Maria

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Please, start by checking for a working Page Builder baseline. Temporarily deactivate all plugins except for Page Builder. Once that’s done, re-test the issue, does it persist?

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