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Columns within rows

By Beardface, 8 years ago. Last reply by Beardface, 8 years ago.

I read a while back that you were planning on developing Page Builder to include the ability to add in new sets of columns within rows. Any news on that – it would be super useful.


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  1. 8 years, 3 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Simon

    Thanks for touching base. Unfortunately not yet. For now you can still only add rows with columns. Sorry we don’t yet have any better news.

  2. 8 years, 3 months ago Beardface

    Hi Andrew,

    No worries and thanks for the reply.

    Just for info – I would be very happy to pay for a premium Pagebuilder with the following functions.
    1. Columns within rows
    2. The ability to give rows and columns individual classes
    3. The ability to select individual rows as full width
    4.The ability to select background colour/image for individual rows

    There’s probably others, however these would be the key ones for me. Unless I am mistaken pagebuilder plugins are becoming more and more popular – SiteOrigin, IG and now PootlePress’s new one. If you were able to add in the above functions then Pagebuilder Premium would be the best on the market. It’s certainly my choice for most of my sites where I am using a pb function.



  3. 8 years, 3 months ago Greg Priday Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Simon

    First off, I love the handle – Beardface. This made me smile (although what happened to the beard?).

    Thanks for the feedback! We have been talking a lot about Page Builder 2 – what features we’d like to include and focus on. We’ve learned a lot of lessons since releasing the original version of Page Builder. Both from our own experience and from user feedback.

    I’ve created a semi-private news letter that I’ll be using quite a lot as I get down to business with Page Builder 2. Getting feedback on design changes, experimental features, beta testing, etc. I’m hoping for a smallish group of people who know what they want from a layout plugin like Page Builder.

    No pressure, but it’d be great to have you on board – http://eepurl.com/1oW59

    On a side note, it is my goal to keep Page Builder free. I believe it’s the kind of plugin that works best when a lot of people use it so I’d like to keep it, and all its features, free.

  4. 8 years, 3 months ago Beardface

    Hi Greg,

    Don’t panic – the beard is back in full force! Hooray.

    I’d be delighted to be a part of your testing/feedback team and have filled out the necessary form.

    Best wishes and good luck with it.

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