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I’d like to inform you about a problem I had using the page builder plugin. I read in this forum that several people have had the same issue. I use the page builder with the visual editor plugin from Black Studio and Tiny MCE Advanced. I worked all day on the lay out of a page without any problem but when I wanted to make a small change to a title in the visual editor plugin, suddenly all content disappeared after I hit the preview button. One can still see the page builder code in the page source but the content from the visual editor is gone for 90%. I tried to use a revision to get back my content but I was not able to put get this feature to work. Even copy/paste the revision’s content in the published page in the database didn’t bring back the content.


URL: http://dedonder.movetoweb.be/deuren/chinese-eik-klassiek/

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  1. 8 years, 4 months ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Hi edpaep

    At this stage we can unfortunately only recommend that you consider re-building the page. This is a complex conflict that occurs three ways between Page Builder, Black Studio and WordPress and only in certain situations. We’re hard at work on Page Builder 1.6 and believe we’ve completely resolved this problem. We’ve also introduced pretty detailed revision history specifically for Page Builder. If you can hang in there, re-build this page and not use the preview button until Page Builder 1.6, all should be well.

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