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  • Theme: North
  • Created: September 19, 2016
  • By: Ian Rossiter
A SiteOrigin Site Pack is a WordPress plugin that automatically installs the theme, plugins and content you need for a full website. Install it by navigating to Plugins > Add New, then upload the ZIP file.

We have a Site Pack tutorial if you need more detailed help.
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Highline is a bold business focused prebuilt website, designed for large businesses, looking for a strong corporate brand.

Highline is a bold business focused prebuilt website, designed for large businesses, looking for a strong corporate brand. Highline uses SiteOrigin’s North Theme and comes complete with five prebuilt pages including a News blog. Each page sends a strong corporate message, from the images we have selected to the fonts and icons we chose. We built each page using SiteOrigin’s Page Builder, Widgets Bundle, and CSS Editor plugins. The home page features a bold slider with “call to action” buttons, a services and about section.

Other pages include Meet the Team, Terms of Service, and a Contact page with a google map. Each page is easy to edit. If you have all your content ready, you can have a brand new website up and running in just a few hours. Simply download the Highline Site Pack, upload it on to your own WordPress installation and start replacing all the content.