A new direction
Built to impress.

Inspired by the elegant majesty and purity of the Swiss Alps and built with business owners in mind, North is the star in the SiteOrigin sky. With easy-to-use options, classic lines and a minimal feel, North feels visually limitless and technically effortless.

Minimal Approach

With its clean, clear lines, North embodies the spirit of minimalism. Channeling the impressive mountain range, North offers a minimal design, which is easy to extend and places sole focus on your message.

Superbly Smooth

North prides itself on its superbly smooth animations, which offer your site a more professional edge. With such simple options and high levels of customization, North makes it easy to create exactly what you want, while keeping within the parameters of a minimal design.

WooCommerce Integration
Create. Post. Sell

North works hand-in-hand with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce platform on the web. The integration is seamless and it’s quick and easy to set-up your WooCommerce store on North. You’ll be selling your products in no time.

Responsive Layout
Scales up, down and all around.

Naturally, North is a fully-responsive WordPress theme. It scales nicely to fit smaller, mobile screens, while leaving none of your content behind.

Wonderful Widgets

North works hand-in-hand with our impressive Widgets Bundle - a diverse collection of widgets designed to help you unlock your content’s potential. Use the slider to display larger than life photos and the contact form so visitors can get in touch with you.

Powerful Page Builder

North features our popular, intuitive drag-and-drop page builder. Adventure beyond the norm and craft big, bold and completely custom pages. If you can dream it, you can create it with page builder.  

CSS Editor

North integrates with SiteOrigin CSS editor -  a powerful, easy-to-use visual CSS editor that allows you to change your WordPress site's design in real-time. North is a minimal theme by nature, but with CSS Editor, your site can take on a design that perfectly suits your brand.

You’re not alone
Helpful Documentation. Friendly Support

North’s documentation is the map to your success. Should this comprehensive documentation not answer your question, you can find help on SiteOrigin’s active community forums, where our support staff are waiting to help you on your journey.

High Quality Code
Reviewed. Secure. Powerful.

North pays special attention to code quality. Every line of code is refined, reviewed and held to the highest standards. Your site loads faster, will be loved by search engines and won’t let you down on your business adventure.


  • Deep WooCommerce Integration
  • Clean simple design
  • Page Settings for integration with Page Builder

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