Theme Settings

Origami Theme Settings are located at AppearanceCustomizeTheme Settings.


Copyright is the text that appears at the bottom of your site.

404 Message
The text that appears on your 404 page.

No Search Results
The text that appears when a search returns no results.


Display Post Author
Enable to display the post author on blog archive and single post pages.

Display Comment Count
Enable to display the comment count on the blog archive and single post pages.

Use Columns
Each post and page has a Columns setting in the right column that allows the content to split into columns. Disabling this setting globally sets columns to 1, overriding the page/post level setting.

Use Origami Gallery
Enabling will display WordPress galleries as fancy slider galleries.

Footer Attribution
Available as part of SiteOrigin Premium. Disable to remove the footer attribution link.

Display Featured Image
Display the featured image on pages and posts, also applies to the post archive view.

Header Search
Display the header search.

Center Logo
Enable to center the logo in the header.

Post Navigation
Enable to display the post navigation at the bottom of the single post page.


Should Origami use responsive mode?

Responsive Navigation Collapse
The resolution when the menu collapses into a mobile navigation menu. The value is in pixels.

Responsive Navigation
A gorgeous mobile navigation menu for your main menu.

Use Fitvids
Enable FitVids to automatically scale your videos.


Ajax Comments
Allow users to submit comments without a page re-load. Available as part of SiteOrigin Premium.