Enqueue admin scripts action

Widgets Bundle > Advanced Concepts > Actions> Enqueue admin scripts action

This action gives you a chance to enqueue any additional admin scripts and styles for a widget. If you need to enqueue scripts for your custom widgets, you can read about that in our getting started section on initialising a widget. This action is mainly for enqueuing additional scripts and styles for a widget that you're extending.

This action has the form 'siteorigin_widgets_enqueue_admin_scripts_' . $this->id_base and 'siteorigin_widgets_enqueue_admin_scripts'. The version with the id_base is designed to target a specific widget.

 * @param array $instance The button instance.
 * @param SiteOrigin_Widget $widget The widget object.
function wbe_enqueue_button_scripts( $instance, $widget ){
    wp_enqueue_script( ... );
    wp_enqueue_style( ... );
add_action('siteorigin_widgets_enqueue_admin_scripts_sow-button', 'wbe_enqueue_button_scripts', 10, 2);