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Create WooCommerce Templates with Page Builder

Take control of your WooCommerce layouts with Page Builder by SiteOrigin. SiteOrigin Premium version 1.10.0 includes our new WooCommerce Templates addon which allows you to build custom Page Builder templates for the Product, Archives, Shop, Cart, Empty cart, Checkout, and My account pages. Reorganize existing WooCommerce content or add new content, all in the familiar Page Builder interface.

View the comprehensive documentation.

WooCommerce Template Builder Interface

WooCommerce Product Template

WooCommerce Product Template

The WooCommerce Template Builder interface is separated into seven tabs:

  • Product
  • Product archive
  • Shop
  • Cart
  • Empty cart
  • Checkout
  • My account

The Product and Product archive tabs allow for multiple templates to be created. A default template can be assigned to all product and product archives pages, individual templates can be applied to specific products or product archives as required.

WooCommerce Sections in Widget Form

Each WooCommerce page section such as the Product short description or Product data tabs have been provided in widget form.

WooCommerce product template widgets

Product template widgets

You can either start out a template with a prebuilt layout or create your own. In addition to existing WooCommerce functionality in widget form you can also add any of the widgets you’d normally make use of in Page Builder.

Compatible Themes

This addon supports themes that offer basic WooCommerce support such as Vantage. Themes that have heavily modified WooCommerce templates such as Corp, unfortunately, aren’t supported. We hope to release a compatibility setting for Corp soon. If you’re unsure whether your theme will be compatible, feel free to reach out to us via email on [email protected], we’ll gladly take a look.

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  1. 7 months, 22 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

    Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know. For SiteOrigin Premium presale questions, you’re always welcome to email our support team at [email protected].

  2. 3 months, 18 days ago Kai Buskirk


    • 3 months, 18 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

      Hi Kai, thanks for reading :)

  3. 3 months, 5 days ago Shlrley Reid

    This is good news. I’m building my product page and I’m not all that thrilled with the Woo way, now I can customize my store in the Vantage theme!
    Thank you!

    • 3 months, 5 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

      Hi Shlrley

      Thanks for reading.

      If you need a hand while building your product page, please, let us know via email ([email protected]).

      All the best.

  4. 2 months, 20 days ago Robin

    Get why you can’t save a project in the trial mode.
    But, closing almost everything or buy a higher version! Too many times I’ve wasted good money on software, promising the best.
    Ending up with software and/or template that cant work with the up to date Woocommerce.

    I was really hoping to have and trail version (7-14days) that gives you the time to figure out the software.
    With everything hammered shutdown, it made me remove the software within the first minute.

    • 2 months, 20 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

      Hi Robin

      Sorry, I’m not really following. If you have any pre-sale questions or if you need support with this addon, please, email [email protected] and we’ll assist from there.


  5. 1 month, 17 days ago Harold Dennis

    What is the cost of this add-on. I might be interested. I’ll have to run it by the board.

    • 1 month, 17 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

      Hi Harold, this addon is part of SiteOrigin Premium. You can view the pricing options by clicking the Buy Now button on the premium page Download: SiteOrigin Premium. If you have any pre-sale questions, please, email [email protected] and we’ll assist from there. Thanks.

  6. 1 month, 17 days ago Adobe Wan Kenobi

    How well would this translate into building a menu for a restaurant for online ordering?

    I have categories (e.g. breakfast) with sub-categories (e.g. coffees), and want a responsive minimalist way to group by sub-categories.

    See http://www.noshandbottle.com/media/1131/breakfast-menu-13119.pdf to see what I’m trying to duplicate online.

    Thanks in advance!

    • 1 month, 16 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

      Hi, thanks for reaching out. Do you want your menu to lead to individual products with the ability to checkout and purchase online?

      • 1 month, 15 days ago Adobe Wan Kenobi

        Yes, each item should have “add to cart” functionality and pull from the WooCommerce product list.

        • 1 month, 15 days ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

          Thanks for the PDF.

          Design challenges aside, we don’t currently have a widget that will output product attributes on the shop or archive pages. In the case of Tacos, Vegetarian and Traditional would be two terms with something like “Taco Type” being the Attribute.

          Getting a quote from https://codeable.io/ would be one option if you can’t find a plugin solution.

          We do have an issue logged to introduce a new widget that would allow product attributes on the shop and archive pages, I don’t have a timeline for completion at this point though.

          If you have any follow-up questions, please, let us know or email on [email protected]. Thanks :)

  7. 17 days, 7 hours ago Aileen

    I have Vantage theme and SiteOrigin premium but have not been able to get the product page templates to work. Correct, they work on the front end, I can see changes in the page but at the back end the page remains as it was before.

    I emailed support a week or so ago but have not heard anything back. I wondered if it might be conflict with a couple other plugins I have running but deactivating them did not help. I could really use some assistance on this and another question I have.

    • 17 days, 7 hours ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

      Hi Aileen

      Thanks for reaching out. I don’t see any pending emails in our premium support queue at the moment. I’ll dig a bit and try find out what happened to your email.

      • 17 days, 7 hours ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

        I don’t see any emails from the email address entered for this comment. I’ve sent an email to the address that was used when we last chatted in 2018. Are you still using that email address?

  8. 1 day, 5 hours ago JKT

    With the woocommerce templates is it possible to disable the single product page? I am selling downloads simply want the product to be added to the card from the product list page. No need to go into a whole other page for each individual products.


  9. 9 hours, 45 minutes ago Jamie Tipton

    Thanks for your response!
    I'd love it if this was something that could be added at some point.
    Thanks for the link I'll give it a shot.

    • 9 hours, 42 minutes ago Andrew Misplon Hi, I Work Here

      Thanks for your feedback. We’ll certainly keep this in mind for future updates. The customization to remove single product pages appears to be relatively small. It can done via the Code Snippets plugin, a child theme functions.php file or via a custom plugin. Hopefully, you’re able to make progress soon. Cheers for now :)

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