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Tiny margin below picture in full width row


I’m using Vantage + Page Builder, my site: http://www.finnthormeier.com/

Struggling with 2 problems right now:

First: In the third column, the one with the black background, you can see a small black margin below the picture. I can’t seem to remove it.
There is no bottom padding set for any of the widgets, as well as no bottom padding for the row. I set the default margin for rows in the setting also to 0.

Second: Under the row with the picture where the 3 round, yellow features are, I have set the gutter for the row set to 100px. This works as it should in desktop view. But for a smartphone, when the features collaps, I would like to have a white margin between each feature. In a way that the gutter would convert to spacing above and below the features in mobile view.

Hope I could formulate my problem in a way you can understand

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