JS Issue breaking Page Builder page Edit


In hindsight, this was not wise… but I put this script tag, “” , into a textbox on the homepage of our site while trying to test something I was working on. However, once I put this out there, it broke Page Builder. It’s clearly causing a conflict with Page Builder’s JS because I get errors in the console when I trying to edit the page. It will let me go into edit mode, but then none of the buttons that appear over the page elements on hover work. The edit button for the element opens the edit form window, but the content within that window doesn’t load.

Long story short, if there is a way to edit the page element manually from the database to just remove that script tag, I’m confident that will fix my issue. Or any other solution you might have to resolve the conflict on the page long enough for me to edit the element and remove it from the front end.

I went through some things I found on this forum in an attempt to edit the db field containing the element’s content, but then I guess it was out of sync with the page and page builder broke all together and rendered no content, so I reverted back. I also tried exporting and importing it as a new page, but I had no success with getting the link established between the new page and the page builder fields.

Any help is appreciated. As I stand now the current page is working fine for users, I just can’t edit it.

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