Page Builder 2.12.0 Developer Update

Page Builder version 2.12.0 includes several new hooks. If you’re a theme, plugin, agency, or freelance developer, we’re sure you’ll find these additions useful for your next update, feature, or project.


Add markup before the widget form is output.

siteorigin_panels_general_current_styles and siteorigin_panels_general_current_styles_{type}

Migrate and alter user data as required.

siteorigin_panels_inside_row_before and siteorigin_panels_inside_row_after

Output additional content inside rows and before/after cells have been added.

siteorigin_panels_inside_cell_before and siteorigin_panels_inside_cell_after

Wrap widgets added to a cell with additional markup before/after the widget has rendered.

Developer Documentation and Support

Page Builder offers extensive developer documentation.

If you have any developer-level questions, don’t hesitate to reach out by posting a question on our forum. If you’re a SiteOrigin Premium user you can reach our premium support desk at [email protected]. Thanks for reading.

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