Home Page

Home Slider
Enter the shortcode that displays the slider on the home page.

  • None: Removes the slider entirely.
  • Demo Slider: Built in demo slider active by default.
  • Slider Widget: Specifies the Influence custom slider, see the Home Slider section below for setup details.

Alternatively, you can enter your own shortcode in the field provided under the Home Slider heading. For example, if you’d like to display a Smart Slider you can edit your Smart Slider, copy the shortcode and insert it in the field provided. [smartslider3 slider=x] where x is the ID of your slider.

Menu Overlaps Slider
Should the menu overlap the home page slider

Home Slider
The Home Slider setting offers the option to build a slider using your own images and or videos in the Customizer using the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle plugin. If the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle isn’t installed, you can do so from PluginsAdd New. Use the search bar in the top right to search for the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle, install and activate. Once the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle is activated, click the Edit Widget button to begin. For more on using this widget, please, see the SiteOrigin Slider Widget documentation.

Slider Margin
Add a margin below the home page slider.