Influence and Conquer
Impressively simple.

With a few touches of a button, Influence is a theme that lets you build a fully-responsive website that needs absolutely no customization to launch. It’ll take you from zero to influential hero in no time at all. From start to finish, Influence makes it easy to create your site and then steps back to let your content do the talking.

Responsive Layout
Scales up, down and all around

Naturally, Influence is a fully-responsive WordPress theme. It scales nicely to fit smaller, mobile screens, while compromising none of your content.

Be Bold
Create. Post. Impress.

As the name suggests, we designed Influence to create an impact. Using big, bold headlines and layout, Influence helps your content leave an impression in your reader's mind.

Effortless Capability
Wonderfully simple. Delightfully powerful.

With a slick, slide-out, side menu and a big, responsive scaling video slider, Influence can go from ‘big, bright, and bold’ to ‘quiet, subtle, and subdued,’ in a matter of minutes. And thanks to it’s clean and consolidated dashboard, Influence feels like you’re flying a custom-tuned starship with controls as simple as your car's.

Your content, whichever way you want it.

Every detail of this theme is carefully considered for simplicity, flexibility, and content-focused design. Influence makes it easy for you to share different types of content such as images, video and photo galleries. Whether you prefer simple or more complex page layouts, shaping Influence to suit is simple.

Wonderful Widgets

Influence pairs seamlessly with our impressive Widgets Bundle - a collection of widgets designed to help you unlock your content’s potential. Activate your influence with the call to action, button and media widgets and choose from among the image, video and slider options.

Powerful Page Builder

Influence features our popular, intuitive drag-and-drop page builder. With Page Builder, you can craft responsive, custom page layouts. It’s difficult to change the world with boring linear page layouts and we believe that creating lively and dynamic pages is a much better way to get your message across. If you can dream it, you can craft it with page builder.

CSS Editor

Influence and SiteOrigin CSS editor - a powerful, visual CSS editor that allows you to change your WordPress site's design in real-time - are the perfect pair. Use SiteOrigin CSS to change the colour of your menu bar, or the slider menu and craft a design that’s as unique as your message. With simple visual controls and power features like code completion and real-time feedback, SiteOrigin CSS will turn you into a site editing pro in minimal time.

You’re not alone
Helpful Documentation. Friendly Support

Documentation is supplied with Influence and should this comprehensive documentation not answer your question, you can find support on SiteOrigin’s active community forums.

High-Quality Code
Reviewed. Secure. Powerful.

Influence pays special attention to code quality. Every line of code is intentional, reviewed and held to the highest standards. This means that your site loads faster, is easier to work with and will be loved by search engines.


  • Blogging focused design.
  • Custom responsive menu

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