Frontend widget instance filter

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This filter allows you to modify the widget instance before the Widgets Bundle renders your widget. This instance is the version that the Widgets Bundle passes to the get_less_variables and get_template_variables. This filter allows you to modify the instance on the frontend without effecting the instance that's handled by the forms or stored in the database.

This filter has 2 versions. 'siteorigin_widgets_instance' and 'siteorigin_widgets_instance_' . $this->id_base. One targets all widgets and the other only targets a widget with a specific id_base. It gets 2 arguments; the first is the instance to be filtered and the second is a copy of the widget object.

The following is an example of filtering the button widget.

function wbe_filter_button_frontend_instance($instance, $widget){
    if( $instance['text'] == 'Download Now' ) {
        // We want to run any buttons that say download now through a custom function
        // wbe_modify_button_text is an example function
        $instance['text'] = wbe_modify_button_text( $instance['text'] );

    return $instance;
add_filter('siteorigin_widgets_instance_sow-button', 'wbe_filter_button_frontend_instance', 10, 2);

The function wbe_modify_button_text doesn't exist, but you could replace it with something like a translation function, or maybe you want to add some user specific tracking argument to the button URL.