Template file filter

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This filter gives you a way to change which file is being used to render/display your widget. We use this filter in our section on extending existing widgets. This guide will give you the best idea of what this filter is for and how you'll likely be using it.

This filter has the form 'siteorigin_widgets_template_file_' . $this->id_base, where id_base is the ID of the widget.

function mytheme_button_template_file( $filename, $instance, $widget ){
    if( !empty($instance['design']['theme']) && $instance['design']['theme'] == 'test' ) {
        // This option works for plugins
        $filename = plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ) . 'tpl/button.php';

        // And this one for themes
        $filename = get_stylesheet_dir() . '/tpl/button.php'; 
    return $filename;
add_filter( 'siteorigin_widgets_template_file_sow-button', 'mytheme_button_template_file', 10, 3 );