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Limited number of markers on Google Maps widget?

Hi there, I’m wondering if there is a limit to the number of markers allowed on the google maps widget? I’m seemingly there with 10 markers plus the map-center marker. Can I change this or do I need to go to a different google map (not SiteOrigin widget) entirely? Thanks! for your help.

I also have questions about labeling — but that’s less important.

URL: http://startupanywhere.org

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  1. 7 years, 3 months ago Greg Priday Hi, I Work Here

    Hi startupanywhere,

    This is actually a limitation in the Geocoding API. With the way our maps widget works, each marker needs to be geocoded before the marker is placed. This is essentially converting an address into a location.

    The Geocoding API only allows you to make 10 requests every second, so this is where the limitation is coming in. We have plans on making our maps widget stagger requests to get around this limitation, but we haven’t implemented it yet. It should be coming in a future update though.

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