Header/Masthead w/ Meta Slider not sizing to full screen on mobile devices

Using the Estate theme, I adjusted the #main width from the default 1040px to 1200px, and this was all good for full web browser viewing.

However, when viewing on mobile devices, the header/masthead does not resize to full screen width—it seems to retain the 1200px format (this is the Navigation, the Meta Slider, etc.). I can force the navigation to resize with some coding, but the Meta Slider simply will not resize.

I contacted Meta Slider and they recommended I contact the theme’s developer, as to why the Header is not resizing properly, because it was a “responsive theme.”

So, is there any super special place I need to adjust the Estate theme in order to fix the responsive site formatting? As far as I can tell, something related to the Header is stuck with the default 1040px width, and even though I’ve searched all over for all the references to 1040px and changed them, I simply can’t seem to find the magic one!



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