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Page Builder Accessibility Enhancements

We’re excited to announce Page Builder version 2.12.0 and Widgets Bundle version 1.18.0 introduced wide-ranging accessibility enhancements. Users can now tab through all Page Builder and Widgets Bundle views, form fields and settings, making changes as required without using a mouse. Keyboard navigation is now available in the following areas:

  • Page Builder rows, and columns.
  • Page Builder Layouts view.
  • Page Builder History view.
  • Page Builder Live Editor.
  • Page Builder row and widget form navigation.
  • Widgets Bundle form field navigation.

If you’re a semi-technical user and would like to view the work involved in these enhancements, please, find the pull request links below:

If you or your organization make use of Page Builder or Widgets Bundle accessibility features and have any questions or requests, please, let us know.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. 3 years, 26 days ago London Mitchell

    How do I know if I am making use of accessibility features?

    • 3 years, 26 days ago Alex S
      Hi, I Work Here

      Hi London,

      These accessibility changes allow for keyboard navigation of the Page Builder interface. This is done by pressing the Tab button on your keyboard and to open rows, widgets, or to trigger actions (such as duplicating a widget) you press the Enter key.

      Kind regards,

  2. 3 years, 14 days ago athanasios

    I Cant find where to remove the black boarder around the pic of one block

    • 3 years, 13 days ago Andrew Misplon
      Hi, I Work Here

      Hi, thanks for reaching out. Please, post your question on our forum at https://siteorigin.com/thread/ and include a link to the page you’re working on, we’d be happy to take a look. If you have an active SiteOrigin Premium license you can email our premium support desk at [email protected].

  3. 2 years, 10 months ago John Fields

    Hi all – I have a sidebar with name hyperlinks that I am trying to remove one name. I knew where it was and how to do it with the old program under widgets but now I can’t figure it out. Help!! Thanks!

    • 2 years, 10 months ago Andrew Misplon
      Hi, I Work Here

      Hi John, if you haven’t yet inserted any blocks at Appearance > Widgets then you could restore the regular interface using https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-widgets/. That’ll potentially be the easiest solution.

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