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  • Theme: Unwind
  • Created: December 28, 2016
  • By: Ian Rossiter
A SiteOrigin Site Pack is a WordPress plugin that automatically installs the theme, plugins and content you need for a full website. Install it by navigating to Plugins > Add New, then upload the ZIP file.

We have a Site Pack tutorial if you need more detailed help.
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Planning a birthday bash? Bash is a one-page prebuilt birthday event website. Share event details, dress code and gift ideas. Gather RSVP information with a contact form.

Planning a birthday bash? Whether a wild party with friends or a crazy party for the kids, Bash is the Site Pack for you. Bash is a one-page prebuilt birthday event website that helps you communicate with your guests.

Share event details, when and where. Make sure everyone comes dressed for success according to code. And eliminate the frustration of what to buy with a few gift ideas.

Most importantly, Bash helps you gather that ever important RSVP information with a customizable contact form. Get your catering numbers correct and ensure all allergic emergencies are avoided.

Bash uses SiteOrigin’s Unwind Theme and is built using SiteOrigin’s Page Builder, Widgets Bundle, and CSS Editor plugins. The Bash Site Pack comes with two home page variations to suit your birthday needs. “Its My Birthday Bash”, tailored towards adult parties. And, “She’s Turning 3”, designed specifically for those crazy kids parties.

Once you have chosen your home page, simply disable the pages header to remove the logo and menu bar and your website will look just like the image depicted above. Each page is easy to edit withSiteOrigin’s Page Builder. If you have all your content ready, you can have the details of your party out to your friends in just under two hours.