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Link an entire Page Builder row, cell, or widget with the Link Overlay Addon

We're thrilled to announce the Link Overlay Addon recently introduced in SiteOrigin Premium version 1.27.0. The Link Overlay Addon allows easy linking of any Page Builder row, cell, or widget.

Usage Example - Linking a Page Builder Row

Edit the row you'd like to link by clicking the wrench icon followed by Edit Row.

Next, locate and open the Link Overlay settings section.

Enter the URL you'd like to link the row to. For example, to link the row to SiteOrigin.com, enter https://siteorigin.com.

Open link in new window
Enable to open the link in a new browser window.

The process is very similar for linking a cell or widget.

Addon Demo

A SiteOrigin Editor has been used to insert the text below. The entire widget is linked to the addon documentation page at https://siteorigin.com/premium-documentation/plugin-addons/link-overlay/#heading-linking-a-page-builder-widget.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec fringilla maximus ipsum. In tincidunt auctor viverra. Nam posuere, enim quis tempus eleifend, urna mauris commodo neque, quis vehicula lacus diam in nisl. Quisque semper dui id ante lacinia, eu dapibus libero interdum. Aenean sed dictum turpis. Vivamus vel dui quam. Quisque luctus malesuada nulla facilisis rutrum. Vivamus pharetra elit ex, non lacinia purus pulvinar quis. Praesent mi turpis, pellentesque at fringilla at, dapibus nec felis. Nulla blandit blandit volutpat. Etiam tincidunt et arcu sit amet facilisis. Maecenas vel purus est.

Morbi hendrerit, arcu id semper dapibus, tellus leo laoreet risus, at facilisis massa libero sit amet elit. Maecenas ac sapien quam. Curabitur a blandit massa. Etiam rutrum, leo eu euismod convallis, quam felis lacinia dolor, at tempus urna odio quis risus. Sed viverra ultrices volutpat. Sed ut dui at elit facilisis pulvinar. Proin vel odio ac nisl laoreet consectetur sit amet in diam. Phasellus vehicula et ipsum vel ullamcorper.



Find out more about the Link Overlay Addon in the premium documentation.


Thanks for reading. If you have any queries or comments, please, let us know below. If you're a SiteOrigin Premium user, please, don't hesitate to email us on support@siteorigin. We also offer free support on the SiteOrigin forum.

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