Customize the WooCommerce Thank You Page

The SiteOrigin Premium WooCommerce Template Builder brings the power of Page Builder to WooCommerce. Version 1.21.0 introduces a new template and widgets to customize the WooCommerce Thank You page. The Thank You page follows checking out and provides users with an order status, summary, and other information.

WooCommerce Thank You Page

While any number of widgets can be used in the Thank You template, the following new widgets have been added to provide template-specific functionality:

Thank you order status: Displays the order status. Use this widget to edit the success and failure messages as required.
Thank you order overview: Display an overview of the order.
Thank you order details: Displays a table of order details.
Thank you order downloads: Displays order downloads.
Thank you customer details: Displays customer details.

Two template ideas we have logged for the future are:

Custom coupon widget:
Generate a unique coupon for the user after purchase.

Product/category specific Thank You templates:
Custom Thank You pages based on specific products or categories of products purchased.

Are there any template-specific widgets or functionality you’d like to see added to this template? Let us know in the comments below.

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