Announcing the Post Carousel Overlay Theme

We’re excited to announce a new theme within the SiteOrigin Post Carousel Widget, Overlay. Post featured images are boldly displayed at 360px wide and 460px high. Post titles are overlaid with a subtle background gradient. Post categories are positioned above the post title as links. Carousel navigation is offered as both dots and arrows.

View the Overlay Theme Demo.

Choose your level of customization. Overlay’s beautiful design is ready to be inserted with little to no changes. Alternatively, dive in and customize every aspect of the design and functionality to make it your own. The choice is yours.

The Overlay theme is available as part of the SiteOrigin Premium Carousel Addon. The Carousel Addon initially included Layout Builder and Anchor ID functionality for the Anything Carousel Widget. We’re excited to expand the addon by introducing a new theme for the Post Carousel Widget.

The Overlay theme was created by Ricardo Salazar, who also designed the SiteOrigin Unwind and Corp themes and the Anything Carousel base theme, to name just a few. Work started in Figma before making its way to Alex at SiteOrigin for coding.

The Overlay theme design in Figma; before coding began.

Usage Instructions

With the SiteOrigin Premium plugin activated; head over to SiteOriginPremium Addons within your WordPress installation. Activate the Carousel Addon if it isn’t already activated. Next, edit a page or post and insert a SiteOrigin Post Carousel Widget. Edit the Post Carousel Widget and open the Design settings section. Locate the Theme setting and select Overlay from the drop-down menu.

Post Carousel Overlay Settings

More Themes to Follow

New themes are soon on the way for both the Post and Anything Carousel Widgets!

A yet to be named new theme for the SiteOrigin Post Carousel Widget.

Useful Links

Overlay Theme Demo.
SiteOrigin Post Carousel Widget Documentation.
SiteOrigin Premium Carousel Addon Documentation.

Thanks for reading. If you have any comments, queries, or requests, please, let us know in the comments below. Free support is available on the SiteOrigin Forum. You can reach our premium support desk via email at [email protected].

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