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Help Fund Page Builder

Join Me in a Crowd Hiring Experiment to Make Page Builder Awesome

My Current 8 Hour Work Day

  • 7% Page Builder
  • 93% Work that pays the bills

With your help I'm hoping to increase the number of hours per day I can work on Page Builder.

Thanks to your monthly contributions of $45, I'm able to spend 0.53 hours per day working on Page Builder.


Hi! I’m Greg from SiteOrigin. If you’re reading this, then you might be familiar with my WordPress plugin – Page Builder. I’ve been working on it for a year now and since releasing it a few months ago it’s had over 45,000 downloads, weekly updates and a 5 star rating. What started as a project of passion has turned one of the most popular WordPress layout builders.

It turns out that managing a plugin of this size is a lot of work. With writing documentation, posting on support forums, helping other developers, all while trying to find the time to add new features and fix bugs – managing Page Builder could be a full time job.

I’d love to spend more time working on Page Builder. Unfortunately though, Page Builder doesn’t generate any income, so I’m forced to spend most of my time on work that pays the bills.

I’ve thought of ways to generate an income from Page Builder, but selling it is not an option. Locking features and support behind a paywall is bad for everyone. Having a lot of active users is a great way to get feedback and find bugs. The more users Page Builder has, the better it becomes. Keeping it free is the obvious choice.

Instead of selling Page Builder, I’d like you to be part of a crowd funding experiment. I’m asking for your help in the form of voluntary, pay-what-you-want, monthly subscription.

To be clear, I will continue supporting, improving and distributing Page Builder regardless of what happens, but if you’re benefitting from Page Builder and you want to help accelerate its development, then this is a great way for you to contribute. The more monthly funds I raise, the more time every day I can allocate to Page Builder.

Here’s how it works. When you subscribe for $1 or more per month, you’ll get access to our private subscribers newsletter with early access to new versions and features. You’ll also have the chance to be a guiding voice in the direction we take Page Builder.

If at any point you’re not happy with how things are going, you can cancel your subscription and your payments. This means I’m motivated to keep you happy by improving Page Builder and there’s no risk or up front investment for you. We both win but most importantly, Page Builder gets better.

You see, we’re in a unique situation right now. Layout builders are becoming very popular. Theme developers are taking notice and integrating support for these builders into their themes.

It’s in everyone’s best interest if developers choose to support a free GPL plugin like Page Builder rather than a commercial plugin with a restrictive license. I’d like to ensure that Page Builder is the obvious choice for theme developers by polishing it to perfection. Giving it robust features and a mature, stable code base.

I can only do this with your help. Whether you contribute a couple bucks per month or $20 per month you’ll be directly responsible for making SiteOrigin Page Builder the gold standard in WordPress layout builders.

You’ll know that you were a part of every update and improvement we release.