Fatal Errors

If your site stops working before of some fatal error, never fear. Its fairly easy to fix the issue.

If the issue happened while you were installing or upgrading one of our themes, then the first thing you’ll want to do is delete it from your server. Log into your server using FTP. Navigate to wp-content/themes/. From there, find the theme folder of our theme you have installed and delete it.

This should bring your site back to life as WordPress reverts back to a default theme (like Twenty Twelve). If your site still isn’t functioning, navigate to wp-content/plugins/ on your server and delete any plugins you have installed.

Once your site is working again, navigate to the plugins page in your WordPress admin and deactivate any plugins you have installed.

Now you can reinstall our theme. You should download the latest theme package. If you’re using the free version of our theme, then you can download the latest package from our site. If you’re using the premium version, then you can get a fresh copy using this form.

Install it, just like you’d install any other theme. After you activate the theme, your site should be back up and running again.

If you’re still having issues, then please feel free to contact support. Here are some things you can try though:

  • Ask your web host to have a look at the issue.
  • Reinstall WordPress.