Support Policy

When you purchase a premium upgrade to one of our free WordPress themes, you also get access to our premium support. As a general rule, our standard premium support will be enough to help you create a site that is equivalent to the demo for that theme.

Our system automatically prioritizes support questions from users who have purchased our premium themes. We do answer questions from users of our free themes, but these are given much lower priority in our queue.

Usage Questions

We will answer your installation or theme usage questions. Give your theme’s documentation a quick read over before contacting support. The documentation will answer most of your questions, much faster than we can.

We can also offer advice on what plugins to use to meet your needs.

Modification Support

We will help you with minor modifications to our themes. The general rule is that we’ll help with anything that involves CSS only modifications, or adding/removing one or 2 lines of PHP/HTML.

For anything beyond that, we can only offer some guidance.

Not Covered

We will happily offer advice for the following, but we can’t offer direct support:

  • WordPress installation
  • Server migration
  • Hack recovery
  • Troubleshooting or integrating 3rd party plugins