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Support Policy

SiteOrigin offers free support for our plugins and themes on our forum. Free support covers basic usage and general advice for troubleshooting problems. Replies might be delayed by several days and aren’t guaranteed. Customizations not covered by plugin or theme settings, requiring custom CSS/HTML/PHP, unfortunately, aren’t covered.

Premium support is available as part of SiteOrigin Premium and is offered via email on [email protected]. If you have any pre-sale questions, please also reach out via email. Same-day replies are provided during the week and slightly delayed at the weekend. Premium support covers basic and advanced usage questions as well as in-depth assistance for troubleshooting problems. If necessary, direct assistance can be offered by logging in. Small customizations, not more than one or two lines of CSS/HTML/PHP can be provided on request. For larger customizations, we recommend codeable.io.

Not Covered

We will happily offer advice for the following, but we can’t offer direct support:

  • WordPress installation
  • Server migration
  • Hack recovery
  • Troubleshooting or integrating 3rd party plugins

Last Edited: 2021.10.01

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