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Create Responsive Pages Using The Widgets You Know and Love

Go Beyond Linear Page Layouts

Linear page layouts are limiting when you’re trying to express a detailed idea. With SiteOrigin’s Page Builder, you can create columized page layouts populated with the widgets and themes you know and love. Its drag and drop interface is so easy to learn, that you'll be up and running in no time, you don't even need to change the theme you're using.

We Do All The Heavy Lifting

Creating CSS layouts isn’t for the faint of heart. They involve a complex balancing act of paddings, margins, floats and clears. Not something you want to be doing when you have real content to create.

Even column shortcodes, like some themes use, turns your content into a mess of opening and closing tags. And it doesn’t take much to break your entire layout.

SiteOrigin’s page builder completely abstracts all of that. All you need to do is drag, drop and create using our simple interface.

Loads of Widgets, Plus Thousands More

With countless widgets created by plugin developers from around the world, you’ll never struggle to build the page you want

WordPress has a few useful widgets. Our Page Builder ships with a few more. But that only scratches the surface of all the widgets available.

Need a newsletter signup form for your MailChimp newsletter? There’s a widget for that. Need to add a self hosted video? Yup, there’s a widget for that. It’s a smart idea to take advantage of all the hard work that these developers have put in. Best of all, you're not forced to buy blocks or modules to get advanced functionality.

It Already Works With Your Theme

We ensured that our page builder integrates seamlessly with WordPress. The interface looks just like you’d expect WordPress to look. The integration goes much deeper than this though. Lets take a look at how it fits in with your site.

Your Theme
Grid Engine

Grid Engine

Look deep down into the core of the SiteOrigin page builder and you'll see our powerful grid engine. This interprets the layout you meticulously created and crafts highly efficient CSS.


Widgets form the building blocks of your page. After grid engine has finished creating the CSS, it sends out the message to all your widgets to get to work rendering their content using the settings you provided.

Your Theme

And lastly, your theme dresses up your content with headers, navigation, a footer and a unique style that makes your site, yours. You're even free to switch themes after you've created content.

Efficient Code

Page Builder’s Grid Engine only generates the code it needs to display your visitor's current page. This is a lot more efficient than other methods that involve including a massive amount of CSS for a huge combination of grid layouts.

We're not talking a small improvement either. The CSS generated by Grid Engine is up to 10-50 times lighter than typical CSS grid systems. This allowed us to move the CSS into an inline style, so it won't interfere with your performance plugins - further increasing your site's speed.

All this efficiency and attention to detail translates into faster load times and lower bandwidth usage. These will make your users and clients smile.

We've Made Some Themes Too

We've made a few free themes that work perfectly with our page builder, with more on the way.