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Get The Complete Experience With SiteOrigin Premium

SiteOrigin Premium is a collection of powerful addons that enhance every aspect of our products. They improve existing features and add entirely new functionality. You'll love all the power they offer you.

The Premium Addons

Each addon is a powerful enhancement to the SiteOrigin experience you know and love.
You get every single addon plus all future addons when you purchase SiteOrigin Premium.


Customize Accordion Widgets with advanced styles for organized content, improved navigation, and engaging user interactions through personalized design.

Anchor ID

Link directly to specific slides, tabs, accordion panels, and carousel items using easy-to-set anchor IDs, maintaining user focus and engagement.

Block Animations

Add animations to Page Builder rows, columns, and widgets, creating lively transitions that engage users with easy-to-set options.

Author Box

Automatically append author boxes to posts, featuring social links, recent articles, and bios to create engaging author presentations across multiple post types.


Elevate blog layouts with expanded content display options, first-image fallbacks, and Ajax-powered pagination for dynamic, interactive post navigation.

Bulk Addresses

Quickly add multiple map markers at once, simplifying the creation of interactive maps with a comprehensive view of all your important locations.


Introduce overlay themes, customizable navigation, and Layout Builder integration to carousels, enriching visuals and user interaction.

Contact Form

Enhance SiteOrigin forms with a Layout Builder, Autoresponder, Location/Datetime Picker Fields, and Merge Tags for advanced form customization.

Custom Post Type Builder

Craft and manage unique post types with seamless Page Builder integration, enabling consistent layouts across your site's diverse content needs.

Cross Domain Copy Paste

Streamline your site development by effortlessly copying and pasting rows, columns, and widgets across domains, saving time and enhancing creative continuity.


Boost your Call To Action Widget with expanded settings and styles, offering precise control to create compelling buttons that engage and convert your audience.

Custom Palette

Effortlessly customize your site's color scheme, creating a unique palette for Page Builder and Widgets Bundle, ensuring a harmonious visual experience.

Custom Row Colors

Enhance Page Builder row management by integrating custom background colors, offering a vibrant and organized admin interface for streamlined editing.

Embed Blocker

Effortlessly comply with GDPR and DSGVO by controlling embeds from platforms like YouTube, X, Google Maps, and others, with customizable block messages.


Unlock new levels of creativity in your Hero Widget with added functionality and style settings, enabling dynamic animations and personalized control.

Image Overlay

Add interactive hover text overlays with customizable animations to your images, ideal for enriching galleries, portfolios, and any image-based content.

Image Shape

Transform your images with unique shapes and engaging effects, from shadows to hover enhancements, for standout visuals in the SiteOrigin Image Widget.


Showcase your images in striking lightbox galleries, allowing for immersive viewing with options to customize overlay color, opacity, and navigation controls.

Link Overlay

Turn any Page Builder row, cell, or widget into a clickable link, offering direct access to content or external pages with minimal setup and improved accessibility.

Lottie Player

Bring your ideas to life with Lottie Animations, offering adjustable loops, speeds, and interactive triggers for captivating and dynamic content.

Map Styles

Upgrade your maps with 23 unique styles for a tailored look, and introduce consent-based access for compliance with user privacy regulations.

Mirror Widgets

Create a widget once, use it everywhere. Update it, and see changes in all instances, streamlining your workflow and significantly saving you time.

Multiple Media

Streamline your workflow by uploading multiple images simultaneously to Sliders, Grids, and Hero frames, quickly creating visually stunning websites.

Page Background

Set unique or global backgrounds to align with your content, enhancing visual appeal and ensuring high-resolution clarity on every display type.

Parallax Sliders

Enhance your Slider, Hero, and Layout Slider widgets with parallax and fixed backgrounds, making your site's content more engaging and visually appealing.

Retina Background Images

Deliver crystal clear visuals across your site by adding Retina ready background images to widgets, cells, and rows for sharp, high-resolution displays.

Social Widgets

Expand and personalize your site's social media buttons by adding unique networks and custom icons, enhancing user engagement and connectivity.


Enhance site navigation and engagement by enriching Tabs Widgets with new styles and functionalities for intuitive content organization.


Enhance your Testimonials Widget with custom fonts, sizes, styles, and layouts, bringing customer feedback to life and effectively boosting your site's credibility.

Toggle Visibility

Toggle visibility across Page Builder content or full pages, customizing access by device, logged in status, and time for strategic content arrangement.


Elevate user interaction with engaging image tooltips, offering informative visual cues for buttons, icons, images, and more, seamlessly across your site.

Video Background

Bring your website to life with video backgrounds in rows, columns, or widgets, blending vibrant visuals with clear text through semi-transparent overlays.

Web Font Selector

Easily select from a vast array of Google Web Fonts directly within the SiteOrigin Editor Widget or any TinyMCE editor, simplifying font customization.

WooCommerce Templates

Create tailored templates for WooCommerce, customizing Product, Archives, and Checkout pages to boost sales and engagement.

Ajax Comments

Eliminate page reloads for post comment forms, allowing seamless comment submission without interrupting the user's viewing experience.

Logo Booster

Customize logos on a per-page or language basis, seamlessly adapting your branding to enhance appeal and relevance in diverse visitor contexts.

No Attribution

Remove the SiteOrigin attribution from your footer for a sleek, professional appearance, directly supporting SiteOrigin product development.

Here's What You're Getting

When you purchase SiteOrigin Premium

Fast Email Support

As part of your SiteOrigin Premium subscription, you get access to support for all our products. Page Builder, Widgets Bundle, SiteOrigin CSS and our themes.

Access to All Addons

Don't pick and choose which ones you need right now. You get all of them. We don't force you to make the choice. You just get all the addons at one fair price.

Ongoing Updates

As we introduce new addons to SiteOrigin Premium, you'll get them as free updates. We have a long roadmap of features to add. Keep levelling up.

Enhanced Page Builder

We built Page Builder as a powerful, and extendable base. With SiteOrigin Premium, we used our in-depth knowledge of Page Builder to create addons that refine the Page Builder experience or make it useful in entirely new ways.

Build custom post types, add block animations and more. You'll fall in love with Page Builder all over again.

More Info

Widgets Bundle Extras

Each widget in the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle is carefully thought out to be both straightforward and powerful. In SiteOrigin Premium, we add features that just weren't possible in the free version. They'll change the way you build sites.

Additional contact form fields, enhanced social widget and way more to come.

More Info

Theme Enhancements

Creating a professional website starts with a professional WordPress theme. SiteOrigin Premium makes our existing themes even better with features essential for a professional web presence. Remove attribution, get ajax comments, and more.

The premium support that we're offering along with SiteOrigin Premium will also ensure that you get your site setup done as quickly as possible.

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Customer Feedback

Here's what our customers think of SiteOrigin Premium.

"SiteOrigin Premium has by far been the best plugin I have ever purchased. I use it on every site I build, when building a site I always check their plugins, themes and offers before looking anywhere else for what I need to accomplish. Their Technical Support is hands down the best you will ever receive.".
Ronald Garrison
"I've used SiteOrigin Vantage Theme and Premium Support for (probably) close to 10 years now, if not longer. Their theme and Page Builder are AWESOME. Reliable, flexible and detailed. I'm not a programmer or website developer and, as detailed and powerful as their products are, they're also built for non-professionals like me to easily use. And in this age of mediocre (or poor) support, their support is truly AMAZING.".
Christopher Babson | CEO, Peak Performance Leadership
"SiteOrigin Premium is worth every penny - support is always super fast and friendly, with any questions I have answered in hardly any time at all. As for the plugins: they are lightweight, user friendly, and easily extendible; I haven't built a site without them in several years, and I wouldn't want to!"
Chris Knowles

Save Money With a Multi-Site License

  • Yearly Subscription
  • Single Year License
A subscription, billed yearly until cancelled.


Use On 1 Site
Perfect if you just need a single license for your main website.


Use On Up to 5 Sites
If you're going to use SiteOrigin Premium on a few sites, then this is a great option. This works out to just $9.80 per website!


Use On Unlimited Sites
If you're building websites for a lot of clients, this option could work out to less than $1 per website.
An active license gets you access to fast email support and SiteOrigin Premium plugin updates as they're released. We offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee on yearly subscription and single-year license purchases.

Thanks for considering SiteOrigin Premium!