Focus WordPress Theme

I’m fairly certain that if I were born in a world without WordPress, I would have been a documentary filmmaker. I don’t claim to be good at it, but I love creating and sharing videos. Focus is a theme that perfectly combines my two passions.

Focus is a video sharing theme that makes it easier than ever to share videos using oEmbed or standard embed code. For those of you who want to stay off the grid, Focus supports self-hosted videos with a delightfully refined custom video player.

Self Hosted Video

self-hosted-videoA lot of web hosts offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. Self hosted videos is a great way to utilise what you’re already paying for by hosting and delivering videos from your own server. The Focus video player is clean, simple and most importantly unbranded. Keep Vimeo and YouTube branding off your site and engage your visitors directly.

The premium version of Focus lets you upload a custom play button. This is a great way to establish your brand even further.

Want to offload video delivery to AWS S3 and CloudFront? With the free Tantan plugin, you’ll be able to deliver your videos from Amazon’s global CDN.

Making Money

premium-videosFocus is a free video sharing theme that gives you a great way to make money from your creations. It integrates with plugins like s2Member or WooCommerce subscriptions. It allows you to show one version of your video to standard visitors and another version to subscribers. Maybe you want to show a short teaser video to your free members and the full video to your paying subscribers.

Configure the call to action along the bottom to only show up to your standard visitors and you’ll have a video sharing site that brings in a healthy income.

Adding Videos

In Focus, videos are standard posts. There’s nothing funny going on here. There’s a single meta box that lets you set the video. If you’re going the self-hosted route, Focus handles video uploads using WordPress’ built-in media library. This makes it quick and easy.


Responsive Layout

The premium version of Focus adds a responsive layout. Great for taking your videos to the mobile web. The mobile version is a unique experience, complete with scaled titles, videos and a unique mobile navigation menu.


Go ahead and give Focus a try. Whether you want share a few personal videos or create a membership site around premium video content, we’re sure you’ll love it.

Focus WordPress Theme

  • Showcase video content with ease
  • Responsive layout
  • Deep integration with s2Member plugin
  • High quality code
  • Plays well with Page Builder
  • Support and documentation
Download Focus today.